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Praise for Southwest Health Options

I met Shelley last March as I was needing to find my own insurance after my Cobra was over. That was my lucky day! The issue we needed to tackle was my age of 62 as I was too young for medicare. Shelley really went to work for me. I was amazed. It is so hard to find good coverage for a single women! I'm not sure why but it sure was? Shelley, set me up with one insurance company but then we found out that wasn't enough coverage so now I'm on two plans and now my insurance is fantastic! I'm sure she got tired of all my text and phone calls but she was always there for me and she always eased my mind. It was so difficult having insurance for 30 yrs. and then not having it. Shelley and I have a wonderful relationship. It's like talking to a good friend now. When I am ready for Medicare, I know she will take great care of me again. I always recommend her to all my friends. Shelley really is the best at what she does. A total professional.

Nancy B.

I am so happy to know Shelley Grandidge, my health insurance agent. When I needed private insurance (before I was eligible for Medicare), she spent time with me explaining several different policies and their benefits until we found one that suited my needs. Now that I am Medicare eligible, she has once again taken the time to look at all the policies and plans available and has recommended the plans that would best suit my health needs. She is always available and more than happy to answer my questions. Shelley is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field of insurance. I put a lot of trust in her, and she has never disappointed me. I would highly recommend Shelley to anyone for their insurance needs. I look forward to being her client for many, many years.


I met Shelley at a women's networking group and found her to be very friendly and professional, so I took one of her business cards and contacted her. I had just launched my own business and found myself needing health insurance, but also wanted an affordable plan. I told Shelley what I was looking for, what my budget was and she found the perfect coverage for me! I rarely get sick and go to the doctor so I didn't want to pay for a health plan I didn't need and wouldn't use. The one she found for me was exactly what I was looking for. She made the process easy and painless. She listened to what my needs were, asked the right questions, and didn't try to talk me into an elaborate and expensive plan. A couple of months after I had my plan, she found something even better for me and at a lower cost! I really appreciate that she was looking out for me after the fact. I have referred many friends and family members to Shelley and she has been able to help several of them. I will continue to refer everyone I know her way, with complete confidence that she will take good care of them. I think it's really important to have some type of insurance coverage and not be living in fear in case something happens. This plan gives me peace of mind. Do yourself a favor and call Shelley today!

Barbra W. - Business Owner/Glendale, AZ

I want to give a shout out to Shelley. My wife and I were in a potential health insurance pinch. Between Cobra, what the company offered and what Shelley offered, Shelley not only went above and beyond in her services of helping out with some issues we had to deal with but we even got better coverage for less! We are so grateful for the outcome and highly recommend Shelley. She knows her stuff and is committed to that old fashioned stuff called "customer service!"

Jim H. - Sedona, AZ

I automatically signed up with AARP/ United Healthcare when I turned 65 about 5 years ago, and my annual costs keep rising. I heard Shelley on 1510 radio and promptly decided to contact her. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my health insurance coverage! I met with Shelley and she made suggestions based upon my health and the products she felt were good values and high quality insurance companies. After considering her suggestions, I decided to switch my Medicare supplement and Part D coverages to Shelley’s recommendations…..and I am saving over $100 per month and insured with A+ rated companies….better coverage for less money! My wife has become another one of Shelley’s clients and she also feels Shelley is simply the BEST in this business. Lastly, I have referred several friends to Shelley…she is professional, has expert knowledge of her field and is totally client focused. If you want the best in Medicare supplements and Part D coverage, call Shelley Grandidge….she is the BEST!

Bob L. - Scottsdale, Arizona
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