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If you think Wellness is expensive then try Illness

So many people have questions about health insurance:
What is the health exchange? How do I know if I qualify?
Can I still get individual health insurance outside of the exchange?
Where can I get dental insurance?

And even more questions about Medicare:
What is medicare? How do I sign up?
Which Medicare Drug Plan is right for me?
What are the parts of Medicare?
What is a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap)?

What if you could:
Make informed choices about your health care?
Get healthcare options with low or no deductibles, max payouts, etc.!
Choose from many options to get the plan right for you?

Southwest Health Options is here to help answer all your questions.
As an independent agent, Southwest Health Options has access
to many different providers to help you find the protections that are
right for you and your family.


Shelley Grandidge

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